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The Smug little Cupcake Factory was born of boredom. There, I said it! I was bored. Creative and bored. I literally picked cupcake baking “out of a hat” as something to do and found that actually I was quite good at it and with a little practice I could be awesome and my cupcakes could head for world domination! Mwuhahaha!

Just like my waistline The Smug Little Cupcake Factory started off small… made only for family and friends that were brave or stupid enough to go through the “testing phase”, but soon it grew and expanded into something more! And now we sell cupcakes everyday through our parent shop Foodcraft or via orders from this website.  The Smug Little Cupcake is fast becoming a well known respected “cupcakery” and has now taken over much of my working (and sometimes private!) time. So much so, that it has now become my primary job and I’m no longer bored!

And as for a name? Inspiration can come from all kinds of places. Nobody wants a modest cupcake, and these cuppies are not modest! They’re vain to the extreme – getting glammed up more than the cast of TOWIE, these big bites of devilish goodness needed a name to suit. The Smug Little Cupcake Factory is what I came up with.  Cocky, with just the right amount of cuteness so not to tick you off!

I hope that enjoy what I have built here at TSLCF almost as much as you relish the scoffing of them!




 *Fully inspected and rated 5* by The Food Standards Agency.| Member of The British Sugar Craft Guild UK and fully insured. | I hold a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate, accredited by City and Guilds.

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