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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? 
I work from both my fully inspected 5* FSA rated kitchen at home and a dedicated 5* FSA rated “bake house” located at FoodCraft, Winsford.

Do you have a shop? 
Yes. I am located at my families award winning Bakery and Fish and Chip Shop, Foodcraft, which has been catering for Winsford people for over 50 years! We are proud to announce that we carry yet another 5 star food hygiene rating!  You can find me most mornings at 232 High Street. We open at 10am!

How and where are your cupcakes made? 
All our cupcakes are baked and decorated fresh and to order in the Foodcraft 5* kitchen. We use only the very best ingredients available. We do not operate a production line or use industrial machinery; all our cupcakes are freshly baked each day in small batches and iced one order at a time. It takes longer but they taste better.

How big are your cupcakes? 
Our Smug Little Cupcakes are not so little after all!  Our cupcakes out weight the average by a full 2oz to tip the scales at 6oz!!! They are fully loaded with lots of butter-cream – we don’t like to skimp! On average, our cupcakes are approximately 6cm across the top.

Is there a minimum order? 
For private cupcake orders we have a minimum order of 6 or a minimum order of 12 for our luxury flavours. If you need a smaller quantity the best bet is to pay a visit to Foodcraft where we sell a selection of our cupcakes individually or in smaller quantities.

Can you deliver? 
Yes, we are happy to deliver within the Winsford area for free.

How can I display my cupcakes for my party? 
We have our very own hand-painted cupcake cart, named Poppy, which is perfect for any party or wedding! We also have a number of stands available for hire if you think Poppy may be too extravagant!

Do the cupcakes need to be stored in the fridge overnight for consumption the next day?
Just keep your SLCF cupcakes in a cool place in their box or ideally transfer them to a cake tin. With all fresh products, they are ALWAYS at their smug little best on the day they are made, but will last up to 3 days.

Is a deposit required? 
A deposit of 25%  is required on all orders over £50. (This does not include delivery fees or stand rental fees.) This must be paid as soon as possible to secure the date, if a deposit is not paid 1 week before collection I reserve the right to cancel your order and take any other bookings for that date. Your deposit will be taken off the final cost, however, if you cancel your order within 72 hours of the collection date, then you will not get your deposit back.

For orders under £50.00, payment is required in full.

What happens if I don’t collect my order? 
You have 24 hours from the arranged collection time to pick up your cupcakes. After 24 hours, we reserve the right to sell on or dispose of the cupcakes. No refunds will be given. If an alternative collection date is required, we request at least 24 hours notice of the change.

How far in advance do I have to make an order? 
Usually a minimum of 10 days is required for bespoke cupcakes. However, if I have to order anything in for your cakes it may take up to two weeks, so I’d advise to order as far in advance as possible.

Can I cancel my order? 
Yes, we will accept cancellations up to 3 days before the collection date. If any materials have been purchased for your cupcakes, we will take this from your deposit. Cancellations made after 3 days will incur the full cost of the cupcakes.

Can you design me something special? 
Absolutely! You’ll find plenty of inspiration and pictures of past orders in our gallery. All our cupcake orders are bespoke so if you have a special theme or occasion in mind just let us know and we can come up with the perfect cupcakes. Of course, if your needs aren’t so specific and just you want a nice selection that’s no problem either!

When do you deliver for an event such as a wedding? 
We strongly recommend delivery on the day before any formal event.

Can I make an appointment to taste your cakes and discuss my order? 
For orders over 100 cupcakes, you are very welcome to make an appointment to discuss your order and taste some cakes.

I’m holding a charity event and looking for donations?
Unfortunately, requests of this nature a very common and we hope that you can appreciate that we cannot always bake for you and your charity.


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