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The cupcake is a single serving indulgence, a selfish celebration. A party of one. Cupcakes are not designed to be shared. Cupcakes are brats. Cupcakes encourage you to take big gulping bites, lick that frosting from your fingers and feel a smug, personal satisfaction that it is all yours! Cupcakes say I splurge! But only a little. Just the adorable and acceptable amount—and nowhere else is this truer than here at TSLCF!

Cheshire based The Smug Little Cupcake Factory always wants you to have the sweetest, tastiest cupcake experience ever! It is said that cupcakes can calm the most angered soul in hell. A cupcake with the right ingredients will give them a halo of gold and wings to match. We don’t claim to have an age old secret recipe found after following a proverbial treasure map to Grandmas cake book hidden amongst bloomers and stockings. Oh no, we like to experiment, taste, and taste a lot….. and find that gem of a combination and relieve the world of cupcake boredom!

We’re all about quality, a lot of smugness and mind blowing goodness! Our Vanilla is Madagascan, Eggs are free range and local, the flavours are not from a bottle… we use real fruits here! (We have a sense of toddler pride about this particular business aspect). In simpleeggsterms, The Smug Little Cupcake Factory insists on using high-quality ingredients and baking cupcakes from scratch – the good old-fashioned way (with lots of sprinkles)!

To add to this, we have embraced the versatility of cupcakes — which range from “Standard Cupcakes” to themed/customised cupcakes.. Recently, we’ve also introduced a smaller version of our regular-sized cupcakes that are incredibly mini, incredibly cute and incredibly figure friendly.

Gift boxes are also available – a thoughtful gesture for that hard to impress person in your life.

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